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Today marks the big 30 for me X3 LOL

But I only get younger and prettier each year so it's ok ;)

Bday hugs and licks are welcome are greatly encouraged *gives big puppy dog eyes*

A big happy bday to moonstalker and overblood . Also terkwolf (terk's is tomorrow on the 25th). Give those guys well deserved bday wishes too :D


happy bday to me X3!!!

well its my bday today!! Yay! :3

Bday hugs and licks are welcome and encouraged? hehe ;D

Also happy bday to moonstalker and overblood . give them both bday love too (that is there FA names) :D


My Bay Area Trip Report (North Cali)

So on Monday I returned home from my trip to the Bay Area. All I can say is that I had an absolute blast there. I was pretty sad when I left because I enjoyed being there so much.

Here is what I did on my trip:

Tuesday I arrived in San Fran via plane, picked up my rental car and headed over to Fox Palmer, shadowlab, furfrag and brian place in Fremont. There I hung out the whole night with the group and had some delicious ribs that Fox Palmer made on the smoker and drank beer.

Wednesday, I met up with Alistair and we both went to the mall to hang out. Got to play some Time Crisis 3 at the arcade which I havent done in like forever x3. We then drove over to the Coyote Regional Park where we hiked and took in the stunning scenery. It was absolutely breathtaking there and I love how you could climb up the rocks and rest with a nice cool breeze. That night, we went to dinner to celebrate Fox Palmer's 30th bday. Then went back to his place for some beers. Leo the Lion came over to chat for an hour and say hi.

Thursday, I met up with Snow Wolf in the morning to grab brunch and then went over to Colson place in San Jose to start working on new music. At night he took me to an amazing burger place where you make it however you like it. It was yummy!! That night went back to Fox Palmer's place and hung out with Brian and Crom.

Friday, I went back down to Colson's place to hang out. He drove me over to Santa Cruz where we walked the boardwalk and checked out the beach. We got to see actual sea lions just resting on the dock while we were there. They were so close I could pet them ^ ^

That night Colson and I made our way to Hayward to Tusyote, Roofus (sp?), and Chance's place for a party. There I hung out and partied with quite a few furs. It was such a great time and it was awesome meeting everyone and seeing some old friends :D

Saturday, I pretty much hung out around Fox Palmer's place to recover a bit. I then met up with Doryuu later on where we went off to grab sushi. We both came back to Palmer's place to hang out for a little bit. Late that night I was in Santa Clara and then later on caught up with Brigus to party and hang out.

Sunday, I went over to San Bruno to Bramble, Tagwolf, and Umbro's place. There we hung out and watched some movies while enjoying beer and wine X3 *i know we are fancy*. Decca and Vinny came over that night as well to chill out (though vinny was actually visiting and staying at their place as well). Later that night we did some food runs and Vinny and I got in our fursuits at one point. Twas an awesome, relaxing night.

Monday, Everyone took me up to San Francisco near Castro Street, where we ate at a nice restaurant and check the area for a few minutes. I then had to quickly pack my bags and fly back home.

Again, overall I had such an amazing time. I love the area, the people and the weather :D. I could so see myself living there X3

I really want to thank everyone who made my trip such a blast and especially to those who gave me crash space *hugs and licks all around* ^ ^

I look forward to visiting again in the future!!
Well my trip is officially set for North California (bay area) this coming month :D

I will be in Cali from Tuesday, August 2nd - Monday, August 8th.

I am arriving at 3:45pm on the 2nd and leaving around 3:30pm/4pm on the 8th.

I will be in San Jose (and its surrounding areas) from Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th.
Saturday 6th - Monday 8th, ill be in San Francisco (and its surrounding areas).

I will have rental car with me, so I am flexible in terms of getting around and meeting up with people.

There will be times during my trip that I will be busy/unavailable, but other than that ill be around :)

**Ill have my phone on me so best way to get a hold of me is either text or DM me on twitter

If you live in Cali where ill be visiting and want to give me your number or twitter name so we can keep in touch and/or hang out while I am in area, that be cool :)

I can't promise ill be able to see/hang with everyone while there, but ill do my best ^ ^

I am very excited for this trip *wags a lot* :D

Hope to see some of you there!!! :)
So I am making a trip to California anytime from this July 29th to Aug 8th.

There is a couple of things and career related projects that I will be doing during my stay in California.

With that being said, I will have time to hang out with people, fursuit, chill out and enjoy the sites here and there while I'm there. I just wanted to put feelers out to see who will be around and available anytime during that time period.

I also wanted to put feelers out to see who would possibly be able to provide crash space anytime during that time period as well (because I might need it). I might stay at a hotel at certain points during my stay, but nonetheless, I just like to see what options I have available to me.

I will be getting a rental car while in California as well, so I don't need to worry about or rely on anyone for transportation. Plus ill be able to drive where ever I want and need at any time.

I will be around/traveling in San Jose (and the surrounding cities near San Jose) and in San Francisco. Again I have flexibility due to the fact that ill have a car.

Let me know if you would like to hang out and/or have available crash space. Also let me know what city you are residing in so I know what works and doable. :)

Either reply to this post or note me on FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lace)

I very much look forward to this trip and I hope to see some of you there! ^ ^



It's p_dawgydog BIRTHDAY today!!!! Go wish the puppy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Give him lots of buttslaps and lovin ;3

FC 2011 Con Report

Not going to go in elaborate details about everything, but overall I had a blast at FC.

It was great spending time with friends and meeting new ones.

I also got the chance to fursuit in both Lace and Roan thanks to my good friend Marfles who kindly brought down Lace in his car *hugs* :)

Most of the con I was hitting party after party, fursuiting here and there, or roaming around the con catching up with people.

This was the 1st con I really didn't hit any of the dances like I wanted to. I did however manage to catch akonite's set on Sunday.

Only downside is that since its such a big con, I didn't get a chance to see some people. Plus I wish I was able to spend more time with people one-on-one as well.

Pdawg and I actually stayed an extra day at the con because our flight got canceled on Monday, which proved to be a fun night.

One interesting and fun moment is when Pdawg and I went with a bunch of furs to a bar near the airport to eat. Apparently it was karaoke night, which proved to be quite entertaining as we watched the locals sing over pitchers of beers X3

Thanks to everyone that made my con an enjoyable one!!! ^ ^

I Performed on a Television Show Today

About a week ago, I was asked to perform on the TV Show "Breakfast Television" that broadcasts in Canada.

Myself and a few other people had to perform an acting scene, hip hop routine, and sing to showcase triple threat skills. They filmed at one of my schools that offers that type of program.

We did "Don't Stop Believing" inspired by the Glee rendition of that song. So we sang, acted and danced all at once.

We performed live on television today in the morning with the host of the program. I was given a couple of featured spots and also asked to do a solo part of the song.

The performance went great and from what everyone said, I did an amazing job and have quite an awesome voice.

[u][b]Here is the link if you like to watch it (the final performance is near the end if like to see just that[/b][/u]: http://video.citytv.com/video/detail/741789430001.000000/gregs-a-triple-threat-at-blue-egg-studios/

MFF 2010 Recap (late i know :P)

Yeah late recap on my MFF experience this year :3

To sum it up….wow what an awesome con this year. Had an overall total blast

- Party scene was off the wall. There was always a party going on and plenty of places to hang out and drink. Plus the hotel and con staff were pretty cool about everyone partying which was a huge improvement from the douche hotel staff from last years MFF

- This year everyone and their mother decided to come to the con. I met so many furs that I haven’t seen in 3+ years. It was great to catch up with old friends, who I haven’t been around over the years due to whatever circumstance.

- The hotel in general was stunning with beautiful décor. The elevators ran efficiently and were pretty sweet since they were made of see-through glass :D

- I had the opportunity to meet up and chat with people more on a one-on-one basic when I had the chance (through was some cases where I missed people entirely being that its such a big con).

- Location of hotel in terms of the airport was awesome. Going from a 35-45 minute drive to a 5-10 drive was a huge improvement.

There were only a few things that were so-so to me about the con:

- I wish the rooms were slightly bigger, especially the showers. The shower was so small that you could just about hold an average size person.

- Food and booze wasn’t particularly easily to get to or accessible unless you had a car, took a cab, or walked a far distance.

- This might have been me since it was a new location, but didn't get a huge urge to suit this con. Sure that will change though for me next year :3

In conclusion, great friends, amazing parties, and good times all around. I very much look forward to next MFF ^ ^. If I missed you at MFF, then I am sorry (it wasn’t on purpose I assure you…darn big cons)

Thanks everyone for making this con a fun and memorable experience :) *slurps and snugs*
Room situation is solved for my friend. Huge thanks and hugs to chewy and kayko :) *slurps and snugs*

Hey everyone ^ ^

I have a friend that would love to go to FC and is looking for room space for the con.

I was wondering if anyone had any room space available for FC?

The more specific the information you provide the better :)

Let me know and Thank you very much *snugs and licks*!!!


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